Philosophy 102 Intro To Logic And Critical Thinking

This course will provide an overview of some of the major currents in Continental European philosophy, the distinctive philosophical approach and style of thinking that emerges in the early twentieth century largely as a critical response to German Idealism, Marxism, and the antecedent existentialism of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Continental European philosophy is rooted in the history of philosophy, attentive to the world of experience, and develops in constant conversation with various other areas of human activities such as literature, politics, psychoanalysis, and religion. Among the major currents to be examined in the course are phenomenology, hermeneutics, deconstruction, structuralism, poststructuralism, French feminist theory, posthumanism, and speculative realism. Traditional philosophical topics such as ontology, metaphysics, epistemology, language analysis, feminist theory, ethics, and politics will be considered in the light of their reassessment by Continental European philosophy. Figures covered may include Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Gadamer, Foucault, Levinas, Deleuze, Nancy, Derrida, Agamben, Irigaray, and Žižek, among others.

Prerequisites: Must have completed at least one PHIL course - 200 level or higher.

Credits: Lecture 3, Credits 3

Typically Offered: Spring

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Applied Biology (APBI) 6 courses
APBI 100Soil and the Global Environment3.0 Credits UBC
APBI 200Introduction to Soil Science3.0 Credits UBC
APBI 418Intensive Fish Production3.0 Credits UBC
APBI 419Fish Diseases3.0 Credits UBC
APBI 428Integrated Pest Management3.0 Credits UBC
APBI 490Aquaculture and the Environment3.0 Credits UBC
Archival Studies (ARST) 1 course
ARST 556ETopics in Archival Automation: Records Systems in the Digital Environment3.0 Credits UBC
Astronomy (ASTR) 1 course
ASTR 311Exploring the Universe: Stars and Galaxies3.0 Credits UBC
Audiology & Speech Sciences (AUDI) 2 courses
AUDI 402Neuroanatomy for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology3.0 Credits UBC
AUDI 403Introduction to Neurolinguistics1.5 Credits UBC
Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (CENS) 1 course
CENS 303ARepresentations of the Holocaust3.0 Credits UBC
Civil Engineering (CIVL) 1 course
CIVL 200Engineering and Sustainable Development3.0 Credits UBC
Classical Studies (CLST) 1 course
CLST 301The Technical Terms of Medicine & Biological Science3.0 Credits UBC
Dental Hygiene (DHYG) 9 courses
DHYG 400Current Issues in Oral Health Sciences6.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 401Oral Epidemiology6.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 402Dental Hygiene Practice I6.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 405Oral Microbiology and Immunology3.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 412Oral Health Care Trends6.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 433Assessment and Treatment Planning for Advanced Periodontal Diseases6.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 435Oral Medicine and Pathology3.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 461Literature Review I4.0 Credits UBC
DHYG 462Literature Review II4.0 Credits UBC
Earth & Ocean Sciences (EOSC) 8 courses
EOSC 114The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 116Mesozoic Earth: Time of the Dinosaurs3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 118Earth's Treasures: Gold and Gems3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 310The Earth and the Solar System3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 311The Earth and its Resources3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 314The Ocean Environment3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 315The Ocean Ecosystem3.0 Credits UBC
EOSC 326Earth and Life Through Time3.0 Credits UBC
Educational Technology (ETEC) 15 courses
ETEC 500Research Methodology in Education3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 510Design of Technology Supported Learning Environments3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 511Foundations of Educational Technology3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 512Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 520Planning and Managing Learning Technologies in Higher Education3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 521Indigeneity, Technology and Education3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 522Ventures in Learning Technology3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 530Constructivism Strategies for e-Learning3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 531Curriculum Issues in Cultural and Media Studies3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 532Technology in the Arts and Humanities Classroom3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 533Technology in the Mathematics and Science Classroom3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 540Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 565ALearning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 565GCulture and Communication in Virtual Learning Environments3.0 Credits UBC
ETEC 590Graduating Project3.0 Credits UBC
English (ENGL) 13 courses
ENGL 112Strategies for University Writing3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 222Literature in Canada3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 301Technical Writing3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 303Intermediate Composition6.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 304AAdvanced Composition3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 321English Grammar and Usage3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 322AStylistics3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 330AThe Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Words3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 348AShakespeare and the Renaissance: Shakespeare3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 364ANineteenth Century Studies: Monsters! Murderers!: Secrets and Hidden Lives in Novels of the Victorian Period3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 462AThe Modern British and Irish Novel3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 468AChildren's Literature3.0 Credits UBC
ENGL 470ACanadian Studies: Canadian Literary Genres3.0 Credits UBC
Film Studies (FIST) 1 course
FIST 332Studies in Genre or Period: Irish Cinema & Culture3.0 Credits UBC
Food, Nutrition & Health (FNH) 2 courses
FNH 200Exploring Our Food3.0 Credits UBC
FNH 250Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies3.0 Credits UBC
Forest Operations (FOPR) 2 courses
FOPR 262Forest Access and Transportation (previously Forest Operations I)3.0 Credits UBC
FOPR 362Sustainability and Forest Operations (previously Forest Operations II)3.0 Credits UBC
Forestry (FRST) 7 courses
FRST 202Forest Ecology3.0 Credits UBC
FRST 231Introduction to Biometrics3.0 Credits UBC
FRST 308Forest Entomology2.0 Credits UBC
FRST 309Forest Pathology2.0 Credits UBC
FRST 319Principles of Forestry Economics3.0 Credits UBC
FRST 449ADirected Studies in Forestry: Wood Uses1.0 Credit UBC
FRST 449BDirected Studies in Forestry: Wood Properties and Identification2.0 Credits UBC
French (FREN) 2 courses
FREN 348French Literature in Translation I3.0 Credits UBC
FREN 349French Literature in Translation II3.0 Credits UBC
Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) 2 courses
GRSJ 224AGender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice in Literature3.0 Credits UBC
GRSJ 300Intersectional Approaches to Gender Relations3.0 Credits UBC
Geography (GEOG) 1 course
GEOG 350Introduction to Urban Geography3.0 Credits UBC
History (HIST) 3 courses
HIST 104Topics in World History: Cultures in Contact3.0 Credits UBC
HIST 106Global Environmental History3.0 Credits UBC
HIST 441History of the Holocaust3.0 Credits UBC
Japanese (JAPN) 2 courses
JAPN 100Beginning Japanese I3.0 Credits UBC
JAPN 101Beginning Japanese I3.0 Credits UBC
Land and Food Systems (LFS) 1 course
LFS 302AInternational Field Studies in Sustainable Agriculture - Cuba3.0 Credits UBC
Law (LAW) 4 courses
LAW 504Property Law5.0 Credits UBC
LAW 505Canadian Public Law5.0 Credits UBC


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