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Essay Topic 1

Sophie immediately begins her Philosophy assignments. Is it odd for a young girl to do this extra work when she does not know who sends it to her? Why? How does this indicate from the beginning that the novel will be a mix of the ordinary and bizarre?

Essay Topic 2

As the story continues, Sophie and even Hilde recognize they are substitutes or symbols for each other.

1) Examine some of the similarities between the Sophie and Hilde, and between Alberto Knox and Albert Knag. Look at more than just the appearances by including their attitudes and thoughts.

2) Did the Major model Sophie after Hilde? Support your answer with evidence from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Many times, the Major manipulates Sophie in odd ways that seem unnecessary for his story. Such examples include hiding Hilde's crucifix and putting a birthday message inside a banana peel. Why would...

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Georgia Logan


1st period

Dr. T

Sophie's World

By Jostein Gaarder


What is the plot?

Sophie starts a philosophy class taught to her by Albert Knox. He sends her packages by his dog named Hermes which are relevant to her interest in philosophy. Sophie feels that philosophy is vital information to learn and that it should be questioned.


One day Sophie receives a Happy Birthday postcard for a young lady named Hilde Moller Knag from her father, Albert Knag. Later Sophie finds a scarf with Hilde's name on it. Sophie feels that it is all related to her philosophy course in some way.

Rising Action (Complications)

As Sophie continues to study philosophy, her situation with receiving items for Hilde start to become a bit more weird. She finds more postcards. What is really weird is that some are dated June 15th which is Sophie's 15th birthday and June 15th is month's away.


Sophie starts to study about Berkeley, a respected philosopher, who says that our entire lives are inside God's mind. Alberto replies to her that their lives are inside the mind of Albert Knag, Hilde's father. They have to finish the philosophy course in order to escape Albert Knag's mind.

Falling Action

By this time, the book in Hilde's point of view and she is reading Sophie's World. Hilde is reading the book while Sophie is at her 15th birthday party. Sophie and Alberto disappear from the book.


Sophie and Albert existence is now in a spirit form and they have escaped the mind of Albert Knag. Sophie is now invisible to others and her goal now is to try to interfere with Hilde and Albert's lives.


Who are the characters?

Sophie Amundsen- A fourteen-year old girl who questions life and wants to study philosophy

Alberto Knox- Sophie's philosophy teacher

Hilde Moller Knag-similar to Sophie in her ways of interest in philosophy; Sophie and Alberto were created by Hilde's father for Hilde's enjoyment

Albert Knag- the maker of Sophie and Albert; a great philosopher

Mother- Sophie's mother; she thinks Sophie is crazy for the was she analyzes her life

Dad- Sophie's father; never around because of work

Hermes- Alberto's dog who sends messages to Sophie from Alberto

Joanna- Sophie's best friend

Jeremy- a boy whom Joanna likes

Mom- Hilde's mother


Sophie Amundsen


Albert Knag

Flat (static) character:

Mother, Hilde, Albert, and Joanna

Round (dynamic) character:

Sophie, Alberto

Stock (stereotypical) character:

Mother, Alberto


What is the time or time frame of the story?

Possibility present-day time to the book publishing (1996).

Time of day?

Possibility 3:30pm

Day of month?

Between May 1-15

Chronological Period:




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