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Assignment Management

The Assignment Management framework we provide to manage your Global Mobility programme will be set up to meet the exact needs of your business, giving you peace of mind, expert advice and consultative support whenever and wherever you might need it.

Our Consultants project-manage every assignment as a single point of coordination from pre-assessment right through to repatriation, so your relocating employees have executive support from somebody that knows their case, their circumstances and their preferences inside out.

What you can expect from Sterling’s Assignment Management service:

  • Clear and comprehensive policy briefings for your assignees and their family, with a review of their allowances, helping to set expectations from day one.
  • True partnership with your Global Mobility teams to forecast assignment costs, support the delivery of all associated services and coordinate any third party providers involved in your programme.
  • Quality assurance, managing assignee feedback and exceptions to policy.
  • Proactive communication with your assignees, to ensure that their on-going global mobility needs are being met.
  • Insight and advice, reviewing your programme and analysing trends to address any developing requirements or changes to ensure continuous success

Additional support includes Cost Projections, Balance Sheet Preparation, Assignment Letter design and creation, payroll coordination and more.

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Mass Media in Pakistan


Department of Mass Communication


Virtual University of Pakistan





Role of Mass Media

Learning Objectives:

  • To develop the understanding of information sources.
  • To develop the analytical skills.

Q 1:

In Pakistan, mass media is considered a source of guidance and opinion maker of the society. Every one of us is fully aware of the power that media enjoys but still media claims that press is not free.

In this regard, you are required to go through daily newspapers “Dawn” and “The News” and to analyze and compare the coverage of political issues in these newspapers. Justify your analysis with the help of two issues related to politics of Pakistan.

You have to do analysis and discussion on the basis of following points:

  • Effect of the ownership, mission statements or declared media policy if any on the coverage of the said issue
  • Objectivity in the coverage and discussion
  • Sensationalism in the coverage of issues
  • Exaggeration of news events

Marks: 10

There are many internal and external factors that created those circumstances which results the Fall of Dhaka. People witnessed that both East and West Pakistan got indulged in various conflicts and skirmishes. The main and the most prominent cause of tension is that the two integral parts of Pakistan were divided by 1000 miles of Indian Territory and with no land

MCM304  Mass Media in PakistanVU

corridor to link the two provinces, which finally became the real dispute behind the Fall of Dhaka.

Keeping in view the crisis of 1971, you are required to analyze the role of Mass Media in shaping the tragedies of 1971.

Marks: 10

Learning outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze the role of mass media in crisis
  • Identify the issues in 1971 Crisis
  • Note: Copied material will be graded “Zero”.


Opening Date and Time

April 25, 2017 12:01 A.M. (Mid-Night)

Due Date and Time

May 2, 2017 At 11:59 P.M. (Mid-Night)

Note: Only in the case of Assignment, 24 Hrs extra / grace period after the above mentioned due date is usually available to overcome uploading difficulties which may be faced by the students on last date. This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies and above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to avoid any inconvenience.

Important Instructions:

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the assignment solution.


  • Make sure that you upload the solution file before the due date. No assignment will be

accepted through e-mail once the solution has been uploaded by the instructor.Formatting guidelines:

  • Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.
  • It is advised to compose your document in MS-Word 2003.
  • Use black and blue font colors only.

Solution guidelines:

MCM304  Mass Media in PakistanVU

  • Every student will work individually and has to write in the form of an analytical assignment.
  • Give the answer according to question, there will be negative marking for irrelevant material.
  • For acquiring the relevant knowledge don’t rely only on handouts but watch the video lectures and use other reference books also.

Rules for Marking:

Please note that your assignment will not be graded or graded as Zero (0) if:

  • It has been submitted after due date
  • The file you uploaded does not open or is corrupt


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