Week 4 Ops 571 Team Assignment

2Signature AssignmentObjectiveTo obtain a position as an Operations Consultant within Crescent Crown Distributing in which an accumulation of prior training, education, talent and passion will have valuable application for the betterment of the company. To adhere to the excellence of performing as a nationally recognized leader and upholding the standards by which all others are measured. To hold myself and others accountable to these standards with the utmost integrity, pride, professionalism and enthusiasm as I strive as an individual and part of a team to uphold the reputation of being the best distributor on the market (Crescentcrown, 2017). Professional Experience Overview: Experience in successfully executing various sales and operations duties at one of the nation’s largest beer distribution companies, Crescent Crown Distributing as an On and Off Premise Sales Representative and Beer Careers Candidate. Duties as a sales representative included selling and merchandising the CCDAZ portfolio and providing customer service to assigned accounts.Expertise in strategic planning, new product placement and marketing campaigns. Responsible for executing priorities and objectives and other goals of various suppliers, generating reports for business transactions and expense accounts, cost containment via ensuring product freshness in assigned territory according to CCD quality standards, budgeting/finance through discount pyramid pricing, customer service with regard to developing and maintaining relationships with account personnel, conducting staff training in accordance with state and federal liquor laws, and supervision and mentoring Sales Development personnel. Formal and Professional Experience and Projects

The IRAC Case Study Analysis: WEEK 3 TEAM B REFLECTION CHASE STRATEGY CHALLENGES 2 Riordan schedules manufacturing of fan parts based on forecasted production needs using an averaged three-year sales history. Riordan’s make-to-stock system benefits customers who need products quickly with orders filled from inventory when received. Riordan employs a robust shipping department including a variety of reliable shipping solutions from the plant in China to worldwide customers. Riordan Manufacturing’s electric fan production plant is continually analyzing its strategies. Process flows, performance metrics, supplier relationships and supply chain efficiencies, lean production principles, and sales forecasting are essential to the success of Riordan. Riordan Manufacturing Strategy The three types of manufacturing strategies are chase, level, and combination. Riordan, concerning their production of electric fan manufacturing, falls under the category of level manufacturing because they “set production at a fixed rate (usually to meet average demand) and use inventory to absorb variations in demand. During periods of low demand, overproduction is stored as inventory, to be depleted in periods of high demand,” (Prenhall, n.d.). A benefit from this type of strategy is that there should always be enough material in stock to continue production in higher tempos. Another benefit companies may experience from this strategy is that stockpiling may allow employers to keep employees on staff instead of laying them off because they continue production regardless of the amount of goods they sell to consumers, and over time, everything usually levels off. The downfall of this method is that there is a cost to the company associated with stock sitting on the shelves during the lower tempo sells periods. Riordan Manufacturing Fan Supply Chain Process Flow Diagram


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