Customer Service Cover Letter 2011

One of the key ways to secure that important interview and job is to write an effective cover letter. The cover letter’s purpose is to express interest and show to the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job. Each industry has its own way of crafting a cover letter so that it will be noticed by a hiring manager. It is a way for you to bring your resume experiences and education to life in a more persuasive manner. One way to help write your cover letter is to use a free customer service specialist cover letter sample, such as the one presented here.

Free Customer Service Specialist Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Ms. White,

I have always had a talent and skill working with people in customer service. My outgoing personality and commitment to helping others make me the perfect candidate. As you are seeking to hire someone for a customer service specialist, please consider me.

The posting for the customer service specialist indicated that you were looking for someone with experience. I can bring more than three years of experience. I have worked in two different industries, retail and hospitality. In both roles, I helped answer questions that customers asked and made recommendations regarding which product or service they should purchase.

My experience has taught me how to deal with customers who have a problem. I am the person who many of my colleagues would go to when they had an issue with a customer that couldn’t be solved. Whether it was making a customer feel satisfied after receiving the wrong order or helping a demanding customer, I was able to make it right.

I am confident that I could find success in this position and help improve your company’s customer service. I thank you in advance for considering me for this position. I look forward to speaking with you more about my skills at an interview.

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What to Include in a Customer Service Specialist Cover Letter

In order to have your cover letter stand out, it’s important to not just regurgitate your resume. Keep your tone professional, like in the free customer service specialist cover letter sample, and be sure to focus on selling yourself as a perfect fit for the position. Specifically address the required qualifications in the job description so the hiring manager can get a better idea of your abilities.

Industry Specifics to Include

For jobs dealing with customer service, it’s important to highlight your people skills. Take advantage of the free customer service specialist cover letter sample to help. Here are some key attributes to discuss:

• Personable: Customer service specialists deal with people, so it’s important for candidates to be friendly.
• Communication Skills: In this industry, communication skills are vital to help customers get the results that they want.
• Conflict resolution: It’s important to know how to deal with conflict, as some customer service situations can get tense.
• Multi-tasking: There may be more than one task that needs attention, so it’s important to be able to handle them all.

Airline Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

Airline customer service representative jobs involve working for an airline and resolving the queries and doubts of passengers or any general inquiry. The representatives might be stationed at a call center or at the service counter of an airport. The job requires prompt actions and providing solutions to all the customer's requirements and queries. Customer complains also need to be handled in the best possible way assuring the customer and making them realize of the fact about what went wrong. The job requires a lot of patience as well as quick actions. The cover letter of an airline customer service representative should reflect all these skills. The resume should be drafted in a pleasant tone and yet be professional. It should assure the employer that you as a representative are ready to face the challenges lying ahead and work towards the reputation of the firm by providing utmost customer satisfaction.

Airline Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

Hal E. Compos,
1333 Austin Secret Lane,
Heber City, UT 84032,
(435)-503 0974.

Date: Aug 13, 2008.

Mr. Nathaniel A. Munoz,
Universal Airlines,
538 Douglas Dairy Road,
Heber City, UT 84032.

Dear Mr. Munoz

I am writing to apply for the position of an airline customer service representative, advertised on I am currently working as a customer service manager for Foster Department Store and have more than five years of experience in this field. I am very interested in joining the team of airline customer service representatives at Universal as a part time employee.

I would like to meet you in person to discuss about this position and what I can bring to the team. I enjoy solving problems and have good people skill. I also satisfy customers by providing them the best services.

I am very eager to hear from you. If you wish to contact me please call on the above number at any time to set up a meeting. I look forward to hear from you.



Hal E. Compos.

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Sample Cover Letter for Airline Customer Service Representative

Marty A. Kimes,
8 Queens Lane,
Danville, VA 23851,
(434)-549 7589.

Date: September 27, 2011

Mr. Charles D. Baldwin,
Hudson Crest,
4332 Star Route,
Schaumburg, IL 60173,

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

With reference to your advertisement in the Weekly dated September 22, 2011, for the position of an Airline Customer Service Representative, attached is my resume for your reference.

I understand that the job demands working for an Airline, stationed in a call center to answer queries of the customers. I have been working as a customer service representative for GMK Motors in the same environment and I am quite versed with telephone etiquettes skills and working towards customer satisfaction.

Although I have not worked as an Airline Customer Service Representative, I am aware of the job responsibilities that includes, dealing with customer complains, understanding the customer's queries, aid the callers and answer to general queries. I am very good at building a rapport over the phone, backed with good communication and customer service skills. The required amount of training in this field, if provided by you, would make me well prepared to take up the responsibilities and I assure you that you would not regret your decision in hiring me.

I would like to meet you for an interview to talk about my skills and my responsibility towards my job. If you have any queries please feel free to call me on the above telephone number to set up a mutually agreed time to meet. References can be provided from my previous employers if you wish know about my work ethics before we meet.

I thank you for your time and your consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Marty A. Kimes.



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