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Contents Covered

Block-1 Environment

Unit-1 Introduction to Human Environment

Unit-2 Climate and Resources

Unit-3 Description of Ecosystem

Unit-4 Non-Living and Living Components of Environment

Unit-5 Social Environment and Population of Man


Block-2 Human Activities and Environment-I

Unit-6 Impact of Man on Environment

Unit-7 Effects of Overexploitation of Biological Resources

Unit-8 Effects of Agriculture on Human Environment

Unit-9 Effects of Urbanisation


Block-3 Human Activities and Environment-II

Unit-10 Atmospheric Pollution

Unit-11 Water Pollution

Unit-12 Land Degradation

Unit-13 Hazardous Waste Chemicals

Unit-14Environment and Human Health-I



Block-4Effects of Changed Environment on Man

Unit-15 The Environment and Human Health-ll

Unit-16 Social Implications of Developmental Projects

Unit-17 Economic Implications of Changed Environment


Block-5 Management of Environment-I

Unit-18 Challenges in Environmental Management

Unit-19 Development and Environment

Unit-20 Environmental Conservation-I

Unit-21 Environmental Conservation-II


Block-6Management of Environment-II

Unit-22 Environmental Quality Management

Unit-23 Environmental Legislation

Unit-24 Social Awareness about Environment

Unit-25Commonalities and Dissimilarities in Environmental Management




Chapter-1 Environment

Chapter-2 Human Activities and Environment-I

Chapter-3 Human Activities and Environment-II

Chapter-4 Effects of Changed Environment on Man

Chapter-5 Management of Environment-I

Chapter-6 Management of Environment-II


Question Papers

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AHE-1 Human Environment
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No. of Pages : 320
Author : Vinay Kansal
ISBN : 978-93-83921-38-6.

AHE-1 Human Environment In Hindi Medium
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and Postage Charges Extra
No. of Pages : 267
Author : Vinay Kansal
ISBN : 978-93-81970-57-7.

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AED-01 Export Procedures and Documentation

Topics Covered

Block-1 Fundamentals of Export Business

Unit-1 Introduction to Export
Unit-2 Export Policy Framework
Unit-3 Export Sales Contract
Unit-4 Export Document: An Overview
Unit-5 Processing of an Export Order

Block-2 Terms of Payment and Export Finance

Unit-6 Terms of Payment
Unit-7 Exchange Control Regulations
Unit-8 Export Finance
Unit-9 Export Credit Insurance
Unit-10 Management of Exchange Risks

Block-3 Shipment of Export Cargo

Unit-11 Preparing for Shipment
Unit-12 Cargo Insurance
Unit-13 Shipment of Export Cargo

Block-4 Export Incentives and Assistance

Unit-14 Institutional Set-Up for Export Promotion in India
Unit-15 Export Incentives in India
Unit-16 Procedures for Claiming Export Incentives


Chapter-1 Fundamentals of export business
Chapter-2 Terms of Payment and Export Finance
Chapter-3 Shipment of Export Cargo
Chapter-4 Export Incentives and Assistance

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