Strict Teachers Essay Topics

issue:A teacher who is serious and strict is more efficient than a teacher who use humors and is easygoing.

Some people think that the teacher who is serious and strict is more efficient to teach students. Teachers play a vital role in the growth of children. Maybe the strict teaching methodology can push them to learn perform well in school. However, compared to the humors and easygoing teacher, I prefer the latter.

First, humors bring out students' interests to acquire knowledge. Vivid and funny class is a gate way to attract students, which make them not only enjoy the process of learning but also become concentrate on lesson, especially some lesson like history, mathematics. Take my own experience for example. When I am junior, I began my history class and I think it is so dull that I force myself to have class just to pass the exam. Until I met Tom, teaching Europe history in my university, I did begin to search background or map in order to know more about the period of history. It is his vivid lecture that tells me history is not dead record but hundreds of stories and a wealth of wisdom.

Second, with an easygoing teacher put students at ease and feel less stress. Drowning in the happy class, students are likely to have more efficient remember abilities and active thinking. Otherwise, suffered from the serious and strict atmosphere, they fall in high pressure and would rather to keep mouth shut in classes. In this situation, even though some of them may have high scores, they cannot get hang of knowledge but force to remember answers. What is worse, according to recent research, there is increasing number of the young who suffered from the mental stress and have negative effect on their psychology.

Finally, though serious teaching stimulate students to upgrade themselves, it is not suitable for different students. Because some students have set high requirement for themselves, if plus the strict teachers, they shoulder too much pressure and become look down upon themselves, thinking that they always cannot reach the goals. On the other hand, when students come to serious problem such as hurting others, teachers must stop using humors, instead, giving them lesson in serious tone to let them take seriousness about such a problem.

As an educator, you have a responsibility to motivate your students to acquire skills that are necessary for their progress. In college, they will have to write a great number of challenging papers, assignments, reports, and other types of academic content. You have a mission to teach them how to express their thoughts clearly in the form of an essay.

Unfortunately, that’s not an easy goal to achieve. Teachers need to implement a strategy that will bring the principles of essay writing closer to the student’s understanding. When explaining the process of academic writing, you need teach your students how to cover each step.

Basic Principles of Academic Writing

Defining a topic

Some teachers like to assign topics, but it’s recommended to allow your students to express their creativity right from the start.

In order to think of a clear topic that will enable them to write an elaborate discussion, your students will first need to conduct a research. Allow your students to use online sources, but instruct them to rely on facts, not opinions. Explain the methods your students can use to find reliable resources. Offer practical research tactics and show how they can use the information wisely in their own content.

Learning from examples

It is impossible to teach your students how to write papers through theory. You need to show them how a brilliant essay looks like. Do you have your own piece of academic writing you’re particularly proud of? Use it as an example! You can also show an essay written by one of your former students who understood what academic writing was all about.

Writing with a purpose

Explain to your students that an essay is not about writing repetitive sentences with general information. Once the student chooses a topic, he should define the purpose of the discussion and lead all sentences towards a clear point.

Constructing an outline

One of the most important parts of the academic writing process is the outline. You should give a practical lesson of creating an outline. Make a list of points you would elaborate on that topic, and show what arguments you would use. That will help your students understand that it’s easier to write the paper if they first prepare its basic construction.

The writing process

This is the most challenging part of your job. Your students should understand what the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay are supposed to contain. Creativity is very important, so make sure you allow some space for them to express that side. Listen to their suggestions and discuss different opinions.

Useful Resources for Essay Writing

In order to make the entire process of writing easier for your students, you should suggest some tools that will help them stay focused and get the inspiration they need. Here is a selection of tools that have been proven to work well for students:

Essay Map by ReadWriteThink is a free tool that enables your students to create an outline within minutes. Instead of writing a confusing outline in their notebooks, they will be able to add more appeal to this stage through the structured map available at the website.

NinjaEssays is an online paper writing service that enables you to order any type of academic content or get your own papers edited. If you cannot find an example of a perfect essay on the given topic, the professional writers at this website can complete it for you. That’s the best way to show a great piece of content that will motivate your students to write better.

Strict Workflow is a Chrome extension that forces your students to get back to writing by disabling them to access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other distracting websites when they need to focus on writing.

501 Writing Prompts is an eBook that offers great writing prompts for persuasive, expository, narrative, and literary response essays. When your students are stuck with their papers, they can get the inspiration they need from these creative prompts.

The Writing Center of UNC College of Arts & Sciences is a useful resource not only for your students, but for you as well. The free online resources offer free advice on how to write different types of academic content.



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