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As an aspiring health care professional, it is essential that you communicate to potential employers the qualifications of your application and your motivation for applying. The best way to do so is to write an expertly crafted cover letter, but if you don’t know where to start, our professional certified nurse aide cover letter sample has the guidance you need. You can review it to get a better sense of your cover letter’s purpose, appropriate tone, and direction. To demonstrate your expertise and connect with the reader, you should tailor it to the field you are entering and focus on sharing information that isn’t found on your resume. This will maximize its impact and ensure readers take notice.

Professional Certified Nurse Aide Cover Letter Sample

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Certified Nurse Aide Cover Letter Must-Haves

There are a number of conventions the professional certified nurse aide cover letter sample above adheres to that will be helpful in drafting your cover letter. Sticking to a format that includes a salutation, three body paragraphs, and closing will make it about the right length, and using positive phrasing like that found in the sample will create a professional tone. As you prepare for a position in the field of health care, these elements are crucial to demonstrating your communication skills and professional demeanor. Following the aforementioned guidelines will make doing so much easier, however, and help you craft the strong cover letter you need.

Best Action Verbs for a Certified Nurse Aide Cover Letter

One of the most effective ways to make your cover letter shine the way our professional certified nurse aide cover letter sample does is to utilize strong action words such as served, helped, assisted, supported, provided, cared, resolved, attended, and healed.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Betty Williams,

I was pleased to recently find your job posting for an open certified nurse assistant position at Glendale Senior Care Center. I have three years of experience as a CNA as well as prior work with geriatric patients. I believe I would be an ideal fit for the job and the facility’s nursing team.The job listing specifies that you are seeking a candidate who is patient, attentive to detail, flexible, and positive. I have honed both my skills as a health care provider and my attitude throughout my prior experience. In my last position at Long-Term Residential Care, I worked with patients from all backgrounds and ages. As a result, I am confident in my ability to treat senior patients compassionately and effectively. I have also successfully maintained my license for over three years and completed an associate’s degree in nursing aid. I believe that all of these qualifications would make me an ideal addition to the Glendale Senior Care Center staff.Thank you for taking the time to review my application and read this letter. I hope that we can schedule a time soon for you to discuss the position with me further.


John Doe

Dear Ms. Stewart,

I am writing to apply for the open nursing assistant job at Golden Acres Retirement Home. I have three years of experience working at Green Valley Nursing Home and a solid understanding of appropriate patient care. In addition to my high school diploma, I complete a vocational program, obtaining my certification as a nursing assistant from the State.

I am responsible for using Hoyer lifts, bathing patients, changing linens and dressings, administering medications and helping with hygiene. I am experienced in working with all types of patients with varying needs. I am very patient and compassionate and I am skilled at dealing with difficult residents.

In addition to my education, I have current First Aid, CPR, Medication Administration and Mandt certifications. I have good documentation skills and submit daily logs prior to shift end for the nurses to include in each resident’s records. I document administering medications on the medication administration records and count pills at the beginning and ending of my shift with other staff.

I would enjoy working at Golden Acres as a nursing assistant. I would like to meet you in person soon for an interview. I invite you to either call or email so we can schedule.


Susie Markham


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